Promo Details

Legacy offers unmatched decoration and support services to a select group of distributors in the promotional product industry. Our goal is to help you set yourself apart by offering products, decoration, and services not readily available in the industry. Most suppliers and decorators are selling the same products and decoration – with your creativity and our capabilities – the sky is the limit.

We make decoration easy so you can focus on selling

Our decoration services are restricted to pre-approved partners and certain conditions must be met to become a member of our network.

  1. Our partnerships are restricted by geographic location – only one distributor within 200 miles of each other. Several areas are established and may not be available.
  2. We partner with distributors that “get us” and are looking for something unique.
  3. Our goal is to be the resource that helps you impress your clients.
    • Extended terms for certain clients or special programs.
    • Discounted price services to help you get an order.
    • High eye-appeal shipments to make your packages stand out.
    • Same day or next day rush services so you can do the impossible for your client.
    • Free freight options for the right customer, program, or order.
  4. Our partners understand we simply cannot be the fastest and cheapest company with the longest pay terms and the highest service levels and still stay in business. That said, we can and will do everything possible to be the vendor you need – as long as we both win.
  5. We choose to work exclusively with privately-owned and operated distributors.
  6. Sounds very different from other decorators and suppliers, right? Good – we are not looking to be everything to everyone. We are different and like it that way.

We want to work with like-minded people who run strong businesses and are willing to follow a 4-step onboarding process.

  1. Fill out our basic application here
    Go to the Application Page
    Once we review and determine eligibility, we will send you our NCND.
  2. We both sign our non-compete and non-disclosure to protect your company and Legacy.
  3. Receive our confidential partner plan with all pricing, services, and details about Legacy.
  4. Choose to move forward as partners or not – no cost or obligation.

We hope you like what you have read so far and want to partner with a different kind of company – one that is not available to every distributor in your local area. We hope to hear from you and look forward to earning your business.

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